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Our API is a programmer’s tool kit that allows you to programmically manage products, listings, orders and more.

The main function is to allow you the ability to do these tasks with the least amount of code possible so you can focus on doing the real work. We do this by handling all communication with your installed Apps and returning the data in usable form by pulling information from your data as well as processing the information you hand it with each request.


Representational State Transfer (REST) or RESTful web services are a way of providing interoperability between computer systems. We provide a REST-compliant API service that allows the requesting systems to access and manipulate resources using a uniform and predefined set of stateless operations.

You can access the RESTful API endpoint using curl, GuzzleHttp or any other REST or HTTP client.

Base Endpoint:{version}/{endpoint}
Status Codes

When we receive a request to an API endpoint, a number of different HTTP Status Codes can be returned in the response depending on the originating request.

200 OK The request was successfully processed.
202 Accepted The request has been accepted, but not yet processed.
400 Bad Request The request was not understood by the server, generally due to bad syntax or because the Content-Type header was not correctly set to application/json.
401 Unauthorized The necessary authentication credentials are not present in the request or are incorrect.
403 Forbidden The server is refusing the request. This is generally because you have not requested the appropriate scope for the action.
422 Unprocessable The request was well-formed but contains semantical errors.
429 Too Many Requests The request was not accepted because the application has exceeded the throttle limit.

The API throttle limit operates using a "leaky bucket" algorithm as a controller. The bucket size is 10 requests with a "leak rate" of 0.5 requests per second. This allows for infrequent bursts of requests, and allows your app to continue to make an unlimited amount of requests over time.

429: Too Many Requests

You can check how many requests you've already used by checking the header that was sent in the response to your API request. HTTP_X_API_THROTTLE_LIMIT lists how many requests you've already made and have available:

X-Api-Throttle-Limit: 9/10

When you see you're at 9/10 requests, wait 10 seconds and you'll be at 4/10 requests.


The API uses Basic authentication for access. Access credentials are available in the General Settings.

  • Username: <MerchantID>
  • Password: <APIKey>
curl -u <MerchantID>:<APIKey>{version}/{endpoint}
Merchant Timezone

The default timezone is UTC +00:00. Retrieve the merchant UTC-offset setting with the following request.

Example Request
curl -u <MerchantID>:<APIKey>
    "zone": "EST",
    "offset": "-5:00"
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